Our family practice includes THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF PRIMARY CARE, newborns, pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, and urgent care.
PHYSICAL EXAMS available at our family practice for pre-employment, school and college entry, sports and DOT, periodic health maintenance exams with vaccinations and PAP smears.

primary care services

Receive the medical attention you deserve with visits with an unhurried, personable family physician. With 24 hour access to your family doctor, your medical needs and questions will be answered promptly by telephone. See the doctor when you need to with same or next day appointments 


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​travel medicine

prevention & wellness

We will continue to be available during this very trying time of Covid-19 disease. We can be reached by phone or email. We will provide you with medical services with a phone consult, telemedicine visit or an in office appointment if absolutely necessary. Please call us before venturing out in person for medical care, unless an emergency. Covid-19 testing is very limited. Please contact the Florida Department of Health at 866-779-6121 to see if you need testing. They will direct you to a testing location.

A boutique Family Medicine Practice in Weston where your family doctor will see you when you need to be seen, and answer your phone calls in a timely fashion. 

For all your medical needs

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We provide travel medicine services, including vaccination for YELLOW FEVER, typhoid, hepatitis A, malaria prophylaxis and other international pre and post travel medical needs.

954 659 2102