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As a service to those who are employed by the Memorial HealthCare System, the US Military, and US government employees with GEHA insurance, we will do submit the bills for you and your dependents.

We are now accepting most Aetna Cigna, United, Oscar and Humana patients. We submit the bills on your behalf.

For you to enjoy all the benefits of CONCIERGE MEDICINE without upfront fees and contracts, WE DO NOT BILL ALL COMMERCIAL INSURANCES directly for your care. This involves much time and staffing, reducing the attention you receive during and after your office visit. 

Although we require payment from you at the time of service, you will be provided with a comprehensive bill that includes all the codes for treatment and the amount you paid. This should be mailed to the claims address on the back of your insurance card for reimbursement  Most insurance companies will pay you back 60-80% of the cost of your visit. Call your insurance company to find out your deductible and out of network coverage.  The final cost of this visit will be about the same as the copay you would have with an in-network provider.

Visit prices start at $100 for new patients and $75 for follow ups

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