The doctor is always available by phone, and will return your calls usually within 1 hour.  Nightime calls should be limited to those problems that truly cannot wait until morning. Of course in an emergency, you must call 911. 

We hope we can meet all your medical needs with great competence, caring and the utmost efficiency. 

Welcome to the Ruthman Medical Group. We put your family’s health and well being first. 

We care for CHRONIC MEDICAL PROBLEMS like asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes and ACUTE CARE for minor illnesses.

We provide PRIMARY CARE services such as well child visits for ages 5 and up and yearly physical exams. We no longer perform PAP smears or pelvic exams in the office. 

We also no longer carry vaccines, but these may be administered at any pharmacy.


Visit prices start at $100 for new patients.

Yearly check ups and once yearly visits cost $100.  

Follow up visits start at $75.

A phone or email visit that saves you from coming to the office or going to urgent care costs $25.

EKGs cost $25. 

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